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Dear visitor of the INTEGRITY. Whistleblower Portal,

via this website, you can provide information on a compliance incident, especially if there is a suspicion that criminal offences are being committed or have already been committed.

Please note the following information:

  • Your tip reaches the reporting office set up to handle tips. We are committed to confidentiality and the protection of your personal data and therefore no information about you will be disclosed to anyone – unless you expressly consent to this.
  • We process your personal data on behalf of the company or organisation that has commissioned us to operate the system. As the contractor, we comply with the statutory processing and erasure obligations. The Whistleblower Protection Act also obliges us to treat your data confidentially, including towards our client. Your identity – your anonymity, if you like – is therefore protected in any case, if you so wish. For further information, please refer to our privacy policy.
  • You have the option to provide contact details that will allow us to contact you. In this case, further information on the matter is not required.
  • You can also give your tips anonymously. In this case, please remember to submit a complete and comprehensible report so that the facts can be verified.


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Frequently asked questions

We examine your tip and prepare it in the form of a confidential report if it is a compliance-relevant issue. This report is then forwarded to the responsible body in the company concerned.

If you provide your contact details, you will receive a confirmation of receipt within 7 days. We will inform you as soon as possible about any reactions from the company concerned.

100%, regardless of whether you give your tip anonymously or we receive your contact details.