Dear visitor of the INTEGRITY. Whistleblower Portal,

through this website you can provide information about a Compliance incident, especially if you believe that criminal activities are being committed or have been committed already.

Please note the following instructions:

  • We obtain your information as the external Ombudsperson appointed by the company.
    As the Ombudsperson, we are obliged to keep your personal data confidential and secure and will therefore not disclose any information about you to anyone – not even to the affected company – unless you expressly agree to this.
  • You may provide contact data that allow us to contact you. In this case, no information related to the incident is needed. We will come back to you as desired.
  • You can also provide your information anonymously. In this case, please ensure that your report includes detailed information about the incident so that we are able to review the facts of the case.


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Other contact options

You can provide your information via phone by using our hotline at +49 177 925 72 74. If you prefer a personal meeting, we will arrange for that. Please notify us us by using our hotline or via the portal.

Frequently asked questions

We will review and assess your information. If we identify a Compliance violation, we will draft a Compliance report which will then be forwarded to the responsible department of the affected company.

If you provide your contact details, you will receive a confirmation of receipt within 7 days. We will inform you about any reactions of the affected company as soon as possible.

100%, regardless of whether you provide your information anonymously or whether we receive your contact data.